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High Temperature Resistant & Ceramic Firearm Coatings

Firearm components can quickly heat up, especially with rapid firing in military-style weapons. Ceramic Gun Coatings must be able to withstand extreme temperatures to provide reliable performance. Spartan Shield high-temperature-resistant firearm coating provides consistent protection and an attractive finish that will not break down at high operating temperatures.

Spartan Shield High-Temperature Firearm Coatings

Our ceramic firearm coating offers industry-leading simplicity and performance. It withstands temperatures up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a durable finish with a 9H pencil hardness. Additionally, our heat resistant gun coating remains colorfast through normal use conditions.


Our Combat Black is a flat black color, perfect for military and first responder applications. Additionally, our O D'Day Green provides a Mil-Spec standard green finish. These are excellent for preserving firearm function in mission-critical situations.

Spartan Shield manufactures high temperature resistant gun coatings in several other popular colors, including:

  • FDE (Flat Dark Earth)
  • Flashbang Bronze
  • Going Hot Red
  • Pew Pew Pewter 

We carry each color in 8, 12, 32, and 128-ounce containers for your convenience. Order only what you need for a single project or stock up on the most popular colors to coat multiple firearms.


Our one-step ceramic gun coating offers unparalleled protection with a unique formulation. Spartan Shield uses high-end, high-heat pigments and resin to create unmatched surface protection for firearms.

Our heat resistant firearm coating is simple to use. You can apply it with a dry or wet spray. The paint must air dry for 30 minutes before handling. Heat curing takes up to two hours.

Storage and Cleanup

Store Spartan Shield high-temperature resistant firearm coating in spaces designated for flammable material storage. Optimal conditions for storage are above 45 degrees. Clean all equipment with a strong solvent such as acetone or Toluene.

Benefits of Spartan Shield High-Temperature Resistant Firearm Coating

With our specialty heat-resistant gun coating, you get all the benefits of a Cerakote finish with much less variability. Advantages of using our system include:

  • 1800-degree rating for 72 hours
  • Consistent color due to no mixing
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • HAPS-free, low VOC, and Prop65 approved
  • No thermal shock
  • Resists delamination after scratching
  • Scratch, abrasion, and mar resistance

Most ceramic gun coating systems require mixing that can lead to excess waste. Our one-pack system eliminates that, meaning you can easily save leftover product for up to two years from the manufacture date. It also removes a lot of guesswork, since there is no mixing of a separate catalyst.

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