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DIY Gun Coating

High Temperature Resistant Gun Coating

Spartan Shield Gun Coatings introduces a new line of protective coatings for your firearm.


Spartan Shield Gun Coatings does exactly what it sounds like — it puts a shield of protection on your firearm's surface to protect it from everyday abrasion and wear. Crossroads Coatings Inc. took technology from its experience in the high-heat coatings market and developed Spartan Shield. Spartan Shield utilizes a system of high-end, high-heat pigments and resin to create a one-step application. No need for mixing part A and part B, Spartan Shield is a single-component ceramic coating that, once baked, creates an unmatched surface of protection.

With its ability to withstand 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit for a sustained amount of time and its steadfast surface hardness (9H pencil hardness) and color retention, it is your go-to when it comes to protecting your investment in protection.

Spartan Shield Gun Coatings allows for a production setting to continually spray without being on a time constraint before the product sets up in the spray gun. With our single-pack system, you can simply load your spray system and paint all day without having to stop and mix more. When the burgers are ready on the grill, you can simply put it down, go eat, and come right back to where you were. If you do not use all the coating you poured in the spray system, you can simply add it back to the container without it setting up the whole container.

Spartan Shield Gun Coatings offers many different colors from your standard Combat Black to our special colors, such as Flash Bang Bronze, Going Hot Red, O D’Day Green, Claymore Green, FDE (flat dark earth), and Pew Pew Pewter to name a few.

For Instructions on applying your one-step coating, view our Instructions Page!

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